Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So as my exploration for my new photography assignment has now started, and with nothing being posted in forever!!!, i thought i shall share my amazing find! I have been working with as many diferent film types as possible latley to gain knowledge of different films and which one i will most likely end up using for my assignment. The film i'm going to use from here on in (until i get bored of it and get onto somthing else) is Agfa Optima 200 ISO (people wil argue u can't get it anymore, but "if you seek, you will find"). Amazing. Even more Amazing when cross processed!!! I took this photo (above) wondering around on a tuesday afternoon a few weeks ago. I got around to cross processing it a day or two ago, and i am now in love!
I still haven't told Anna of my secret operation i had going on. I was excited, but i didn't want to say anything, just incase it when up the shit :)
So you better like it cause it took me forever to do!!!!!!! :) :)
On another note, i'm off to Darwin in exactly a week for a week and then to Bali for two weeks, should be amazing!! so excited!

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