Sunday, January 24, 2010

good haul!

a few days ago i went to the camberwell market. it was actually an excellent day for me. i bought all this:

1. agfa "clack": this camera was produced from 1954 until 1965. i know it's an earlier model because of its metal body. it has a built in yellow filter and additional lens for close ups. its cost me $15 and it's in perfect working order. it came with its own leather case which is all in decent condition. it takes 120 film, so i'm so excited to give it a go!

2. "victor" tripod: i dont know anything about this except it's a nice little tripod, about 20cm tall. it's very sturdy, all made of metal. it works perfectly and i'm very very happy with it. it also has a vinyl case and a little clamp. handy!

3. etalon "comet" lightmetre: it was very cute and came in a nice little leather case. i don't know if it's accurate but if it is i'll be extremely happy with this buy.

4. kodak "verichrome pan 127 film": last week at the market i bought a kodak "brownie reflex" and it takes 127 film, which is only produced by efke in croatia.

so when i found this 127 film, which is probably used or definitely expired, i thought why not? so i grabbed that along with the tripod and lightmetre and paid $20 for the lot. good buy i say!

Friday, January 22, 2010

nice to be here

hey kids!
thanks anna for inviting me into your blog, your stuff is amazing and yeah you're just cool in general.

here is something pretttty average i captured with my iPhone, its a nifty little thing.

:D see you guys soon

a cute kid called jessie

another blogger for our ranks! we're growing fast but i love it cause this is going to be very interesting with a bunch of kids sharing their skills. jessie is the queen of everything and secretly related to you. last week she built a fully operational car out of nothing but thumbtacks and superglue, she's a genius! really, i can't wait to see what she's got for us. xx

hello: my name is julia

anna asked me to join her blog, and at first i wasnt sure what i would even post.
But i have thousands of photos on my computer,
so surely, i thought, there must be something i can put up.

i chose this photo that i took in april 2009, because... well im not sure.
its summery at the moment, and fairly hot. it just reminds me of summer for some reason, despite that it was taken in autumn. but anyway, hope its ok...

welcome to miss julia!

so this blog was pretty lonely with just little old me, so introducing a fresh new face: my good friend julia! yeah, she took that beautiful photo above. i'm jealous. and thats just a taste of what's to come! she's going to bring some new ideas to the table, maybe juggle some eggs for us. look out for her first post coming up!

ps. my holga arrived in the mail today.

pps. the clouds looked pretty again tonight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the sun goes down....

...and makes the clouds look this amazing.

simply impossible to resist jumping off the computer and taking some photos!

watch out for a photoshoot with a snappy young friend of mine coming up on this very blog. i promise thorough enjoyment!

til next time xx

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh wow lomography!

obviously a craze aimed at people just like me, i am completely sucked in. lomography sells crappy plastic fantastic film cameras (just like the golden half) which cost 50c to produce for ridiculous prices. but they take such damned pretty photos that you just have to have one. i want one of these babies:

the holga 120 cfn shoots on 120 film which means that massive film where you can take those 6x6 square format photos. so yes, 120 film is expensive to buy and develop but its so damn pretty! because of the bigger negatives the prints have much more depth and vibrance. gorgeous! also it has a built in flash with built in colour filters! way cool! i also want to buy a fisheye lens and 35mm adapter for it cause that would be damn cool.

ebay here i come!

here's a little photo taken by one of my fellow "lomographers" with her holga:

^cross processed slide film - nellie mae^

notice how awesome the light leaks and impefections look? i want to play with that! it also "vignettes" the photo which is when they fade off into blackness towards the corners of the frame. i love that!

some people tell me i should just get a diana f+ which has a similar body but the pictures have less definition and a dreamier asthetic due to the lens. they cost way more though so i think i'll save some cash and just buy a holga.
lo-fi photography: everyday fun which also captures some memories, and that's bloody exciting!