Monday, September 13, 2010

art and such

i never post.
so here are some drawings and such i've done this year.
also, i've made some sad attempts at stencil-style drawings.
'exit through the giftshop'
a good movie about street art, and banksy. worth watching :)

I did this when camping over summer, i attempted to copy a photo which was on the cover of the book i was reading at the time.

This is some biro drawing, and when i sprayed fixative on it it did this weirdly cool blurring effect.

So i copied a photo, and tried to do the whole stencil thing, then i tried to edit it and fill in the black. And because i dont know how to really do this, it turned out looking a bit different. so i put both up.

A drawing copied from a photo. i tried the stencil style again. Through my lack of photoshop skills, i gave it this weird effect when trying to edit it after i scanned it in haha.

okay there you go, i posted.

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