Wednesday, December 2, 2009


yes, i know i haven't posted anything in weeks! but the fact is, i'm a busy woman and hardly make it onto my computer. so november was a crazy month for me, therefore a quiet month for the blog. but now, summer is here and i am free of school! i did well in all my exams, you'll be pleased to hear, and now i'm living it up until i start with the dreaded vce. the upside is that in vce i will be making a lot more art, so i'll have a lot more to post!

so lately i have been really into the whole photography thing, and i am now totally and utterly in love with film. i don't know why, but i am simply an analog girl in a digital world! so, after discovering that my dad still has his enlarger from the 70s when he was about my age, we unearthed it and cleaned it up! ooh baby is she looking fine?! soon i will have my very own darkroom and lots of prints to share!

also, i have bought this spiffy new film camera called a "golden half". a lovely little rubber-coated plastic beauty, it takes half frame shots on 35mm film. that means i can take double the amount of photos, then it gets printed two per print from any one hour photo! it even has a hotshoe attachment which means i can stick on almost any flash. i think it's made in hong kong, which really isn't surprising. i've got a little holga flash i bought online coming in the mail (from hong kong) real soon! i can't wait!

so sorry about my little rant on my photography equipment, i'm just really really really excited! some proper pretty looking posts to come. x

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