Friday, December 25, 2009

happy birthday jesus!

mm so for the grinches amongst us today is a painful day. but really it's quite nice if you can see past the tacky decorations in shopping centres and the awful music which we can't escape. everyone loves gifts, especially when they make life so much easier. for example, this blog will be so much easier to update now that i:
1. have a laptop which doesn't take 15 minutes to start up.
2. have a negative scanner!

and let's not make this all about gifts, good on jesus for being born and saving us and all that.
not that i'm religious but you know, best to make a mention of the man himself.

so yeah, now that i have a neg scanner, i can show you some images i've taken with my golden half!
and i diiidd get that flash! here is what it can manage.

yeah, i often leave the lens cap on cause i'm a little bit forgetful...

so merry christmas children! smile! x

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