Sunday, January 24, 2010

good haul!

a few days ago i went to the camberwell market. it was actually an excellent day for me. i bought all this:

1. agfa "clack": this camera was produced from 1954 until 1965. i know it's an earlier model because of its metal body. it has a built in yellow filter and additional lens for close ups. its cost me $15 and it's in perfect working order. it came with its own leather case which is all in decent condition. it takes 120 film, so i'm so excited to give it a go!

2. "victor" tripod: i dont know anything about this except it's a nice little tripod, about 20cm tall. it's very sturdy, all made of metal. it works perfectly and i'm very very happy with it. it also has a vinyl case and a little clamp. handy!

3. etalon "comet" lightmetre: it was very cute and came in a nice little leather case. i don't know if it's accurate but if it is i'll be extremely happy with this buy.

4. kodak "verichrome pan 127 film": last week at the market i bought a kodak "brownie reflex" and it takes 127 film, which is only produced by efke in croatia.

so when i found this 127 film, which is probably used or definitely expired, i thought why not? so i grabbed that along with the tripod and lightmetre and paid $20 for the lot. good buy i say!

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