Tuesday, January 5, 2010

oh wow lomography!

obviously a craze aimed at people just like me, i am completely sucked in. lomography sells crappy plastic fantastic film cameras (just like the golden half) which cost 50c to produce for ridiculous prices. but they take such damned pretty photos that you just have to have one. i want one of these babies:

the holga 120 cfn shoots on 120 film which means that massive film where you can take those 6x6 square format photos. so yes, 120 film is expensive to buy and develop but its so damn pretty! because of the bigger negatives the prints have much more depth and vibrance. gorgeous! also it has a built in flash with built in colour filters! way cool! i also want to buy a fisheye lens and 35mm adapter for it cause that would be damn cool.

ebay here i come!

here's a little photo taken by one of my fellow "lomographers" with her holga:

^cross processed slide film - nellie mae http://nelliemaeii.blogspot.com^

notice how awesome the light leaks and impefections look? i want to play with that! it also "vignettes" the photo which is when they fade off into blackness towards the corners of the frame. i love that!

some people tell me i should just get a diana f+ which has a similar body but the pictures have less definition and a dreamier asthetic due to the lens. they cost way more though so i think i'll save some cash and just buy a holga.
lo-fi photography: everyday fun which also captures some memories, and that's bloody exciting!

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